Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ewan McGregor on the Cover of Out

Ewan McGregor, the fantastic actor known for revealing more than just his acting chops onscreen, plays a gay man in love with con man Jim Carrey in the new movie I Love You Phillip Morris. The movie opens March 26th in the US. Read this excerpt from the current issue of Out Magazine, where Ewan discusses the trouble the film has had getting released.

"Despite the fact that it stars perhaps the most bankable star in Hollywood -- the worldwide gross of Carrey’s movies is more than $4 billion dollars -- and, opposite him, its most talented, I Love You Phillip Morris, has languished undistributed domestically for more than a year, even after a strong showing at its Sundance debut in 2009. “At Sundance everyone assumed it would be snapped up,” says McGregor, “but it wasn’t.” Perhaps one reason is that the central character is an unlovable (or uneasily loved) sociopathic scammer. But a more likely reason is that in cells, on bunks, on boats, before sunsets, after sunsets, on divans, over ottomans, without panning away or dissolving to white, the two men kiss, fondle, fuck, blow, suck, hold hands, dance, murmur, and eye. In short, they act like lovers do, and, because both Morris and Russell are openly gay men and their gayness seems not to trouble them in the slightest, this is a dicey commercial proposition."

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